New Bishop Search

Please Pray for Us

We thank God for our two finalists. Please pray for unity leading up to and flowing from our December 12 Special Electing Synod. 

Committee on Nominations

ABQ deanery: Pete Falk, Paul Brennand, Chancellor Bill Lock, At-Large Bert Schrecengost
El Paso deanery: Ken Hanna, George Wayne, Youth Representative Kristie Cossel, Adviser Gus Haddad
Mexico deanery: Elías Rosales Méndes, Meredith Omland
West Texas deanery: Tom Finnie, Jo Millican, Chancellor Mark Brown
Gabriel Borja (observer, Comunidad Cristiana-Puebla)
Bishop Bill Murdoch (consultant)

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oración del obispo

Recordings from virtual "walkabouts"

November 9-12, 2020
Mexico Deanery Zoomabout with Bishop finalists
in english
Mexico Deanery Zoomabout with Bishop finalists
en español
El Paso Deanery Zoomabout with new bishop finalists
in english
West Texas/Midland Deanery Zoomabout with new bishop finalists
Password: V2+#e8Al
Albuquerque deanery Zoomabout with new bishop finalists
in english

Final Candidates

Fr. Jack Estes

Rector, Ascension Anglican Church in Bakersfield, CA

Fr. Steven Tighe

ACNA Canon for Youth Ministry, El Paso, TX

Canon 6 The Office and Election of a Bishop

Section 1. The Bishop's Calling

A Bishop is called by God and the Church to be a shepherd who feeds the flock entrusted to his care.  A Bishop is an overseer of the flock and as such is called to propagate, to teach, and to uphold and defend the Faith and Order of the Church.  The Bishop should not lord his office over those entrusted to his care, but be an example of a servant minister to the flock. By the tradition of Christ' s One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church Bishops are consecrated for the whole Church and are successors to the Apostles through the grace of the Holy Spirit. Bishops are the chief pastors of the Diocese and the administrators of Godly discipline and governance.

Section 2. Criteria for Bishops

To be a suitable candidate for Bishop, a person should:

  • Be a person of prayer, a student of God 's word, and of mature faith·
  • Be genuine in the practice of Godly moral character and conduct;
  • Have a zeal for winning souls, and for making disciples for Christ;
  • Have demonstrated evidence of the fruit of the Holy Spirit in his life;
  • Possess the leadership and teaching gifts needed to fulfill the office;
  • Be respected for evidencing Godly pastoral leadership;
  • Have demonstrated the ability to lead, establish, and grow the Church; and
  • Be a male presbyter at least 40 years of age.
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