ADSW Special Synod

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

10am Mountain

via telecommunication: Zoom

Notice of Synod 2020

Proposed Amendments

We will convene to discuss and vote on the following amendments:

Title II, Canon 6, Section 4.a. - Currently states 3 clergy and 3 lay from each deanery. Instead of the specificity, the recommended change would be to "one clergy and one lay from each deanery", to account for our Mexico deanery and any future new deaneries.

Proposed addition of timeline for establishment of Committee on Nominations to 200 days before electing Synod.

Title II, Canon 6, Section 4.b. - Proposed that Nominations for Bishop be received 130 rather than 180 days before electing Synod.

Title II, Canon 6, Section 4.c. - Proposed change to allow the Standing Committee to allow less than 3 or more than 6 names to be nominated. Furthermore, proposed change from 120 to 60 days prior to electing Synod for publishing the names to Synod delegates

Title II, Canon 6, Section 5.a. - Rather than 60 days, proposed change to 130 days.

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